It's ALIVE!!

Oh the many manifestations of my online presence. From blogs, tumblr accounts, Facebook profiles, geocities, MySpace, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Pages... now this. Hello you. :)

My previous website was last updated in 2010, and then the domain expired, followed by a little brouhaha between me and the most recent Web Registrar. Being in a cyberspace limbo for a bit, my website finally reincarnated with a fresh face, and most uniquely, HTML5, the mobile-friendly swish swash web special effects without having to worry about Adobe Flash. The prodigal son returns.

Except back in 2010, I was still actively taking photographs around the world. Today I'm semi-retired (more about me), and this website is a reflective look-back of all my past works. Often times if I ever do stumble on more images lying around either online or in some long forsaken thumbdrive hiding away behind the couch, I'll give you a holler about it. Otherwise, this blog will be my musing, rants, bitching, movie reviews, oddities of life, and, who knows, an outlet for me to trash my insanity.

Please feel free to make this your home of inspiration and nostalgia.

Until the next post, blue skies always. Evan.

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