e v a n h w o n g   p h o t o g r a p h ' s   g a l l e r y

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s t r e e t

When I walk on the streets, I step out of my own shell and start imagining myself in a foreign land. Seeing, reacting, thinking, pondering, mesmerizing... all happening at every step. Street is about life as I see it, just as we tell the story back to our loved ones. I see things that others tend to miss... or try to. I make the strange familiar, and the familiar strange. I tell a story from each photo I took, and I make you be part of the walk just by looking at it.

d o c u m e n t a r y

From behind the scenes to babies coming into this world, I've been shooting to capture the rawness of our world as we see it happening. Each serie makes up its own storyline that can be told on its own without the need of a caption. Each image tells, as many would say, a thousand words... but it's only through your own eyes that you can give them more words than none. Unlike street, this is one assignment that I'll be invisible from you. And if you treat me as such and don't worry about my presence, that's where I work best.

c o n c e p t u a l


"Make the strange familiar, and the familiar strange." It's about walking down a lane and looking up when you normally wouldn't. It's reaching for the stars when you're lying face down in the mud. Or making friends with stick figures on walls and picking a race with it. It's bringing back your childhood fantasies of heroes and princesses, to fighting giant robots, flying home to your loved ones in your battered spacesuit. It's, in short, toying with the viewer's emotions and beliefs.


p o r t r a i t

I've not been a big fan of staging a shot. But there's something about portraitures that at times makes me wonder what is the person's story behind their expressions. From in the studio to outdoors either on location or merely on the sidewalk out of nowhere, to even stopping a stranger or two for their portraits, my fingers are always on my shutter. If you see me coming up to you, don't freak out. It's just me.